Flat Roof Company in Warsash

grp flat roofing warsash

Warsash Flat Roof Installations – Blake Premium UHD GRP roof system

Blake GRP Ltd Install GRP Roofing into Warsash and the Surrounding Area


Blake GRP recently worked on a flat roof installation in Warsash. It was a particularly involved GRP flat roof installation and we have documented the work below.

1. The Warsash flat roof installation initiated with the removal of the existing bitumen felt roof and examination of the existing sub deck to check for solid integrity. The worst thing to do is to build a new roof on a compromised structure. The old felt roof was taken off in stages to enable the roof to be watertifght during the new roof installation

flat roof company warsash

Initial flat roof inspection & removal of old roof

2. The next phase of flat roof installation. Operatives are bonding and screwing OSB 3 – T&G boards with centers every 200mm – providing the best deck possible for laminating, very solid and rigid.

flat roof firm warsash

Initial decking

3. Next, the installation team prepared and fixed the top deck of the flat roof into place

flat roofing warsash

Top deck prep

4. Now the first layer of 600g CSM being rolled back up prior to wetting out the deck ready for laying up fiberglass

fibreglass flat roof warsash

Laying up the GRP (fireglass roofing material)

5. Laminating in progress – paddle rollers are used here by the installation team to consolidate the resin and fibreglass strand matt.

grp flat roof warsash

Lamination initial later of GRP roofing

6. During the next phase of our Warsash GRP flat roof installation, the first layer of 600g chopped strand matt (fiberglass) was laid out ready for laminating

warsash flat roof company

Lamination progress

7. Our Warsash Fibreglass flat roof installation is progressing now – 3/4 boarded and laminated

grp flat roof company warsash

Warsash flat roof installation top view

8. We manufactured custom-made timber ribs – here seen being laminated individually fixed into place oin the new GRP flat roof

grp roof installation warsash

custom preparations for flat roof

9. Topcoat application in progress – all cutting in is now complete on this warsash flat roof work

GRP flat roof installers warsash

Warsash flat roof top coat

10. Finished GRP roof installation in Warsash, including custom made timber ribs running down the roof and custom built gulleys each end of the flat roof

grp flat roofing warsash

warsash finished flat GRP roof