Petersfield Flat GRP Roofing

petersfield flat grp roofing

Blake GRP Ltd  – Petersfield flat GRP roofing services – high quality fibreglass roofing installed into the Petersfield area, by fully qualified installers.


GRP/Fibreglass Flat Roofing installed into the Petersfield area

Blake GRP installers are highly trained, professionally qualified and directly employed.

As a company we take pride in our high quality finish – providing customer satisfaction with each flat roof install that we supply. Each of our installation teams carries a supervisor with SSSTS – certified & compliant to all health and safety regulations (including all latest CDM regulations)- as a minimum. All installation work is carried out to the highest standards and Blake GRP ltd meet all BBA Approved standards and current building regulations.

petersfield flat grp roofing

Why choose Blake GRP Roofing?

GRP (Fibreglass) roofing has a number of benefits compared to traditional roofing products, especially for flat roofing.

Blake GRP are Health & Safety Concious

From a health & safety point of view, a GRP flat roofing system is beneficial as GRP products are cold-laid and therefore do not require any form of heat treatment, removing heat and fire risk. Also, considering that fibreglass roofing systems are cold-applied they are not subject to the same prohibitive insurance premiums levied at installers using hot-works.

Durable and Waterproof Flat Roofing

Unlike traditional flat roofing systems, GRP flat roofs are extremely durable and completely waterproof, which enables Blake GRP ltd to offer long guarantees on our roofing systems.

GRP Roofing with a wide range of finishes

a Blake GRP roof can be finished in a wide range of colours – including options such as nonslip finishes.

Continuous Membrane and UV Resistant

The entire area on a GRP roof is encapsulated into one single continuous GRP membrane and there are no seams joints or welds.

It is also completely UV resistant.

Roofing with Special Features, Balconies and Walkways

GRP flat roofing systems are also highly adaptable, allowing conversion of the roof area to include features such as balconies or walkways within the roof area. Roof lights can also be installed within a GRP roofing system.

Fibreglass flat roof systems can be used instead of pitched roofs or to make special features.

A high-quality fibreglass roofing system from Blake will remain leak-free for life…

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fibreglass grp roofing petersfield